About Us

Meet the Creative Minds Behind Konbini.Design

Welcome to Konbini.Design – where innovation, efficiency, and expertise blend to transform your digital presence. At the heart of our company are Mariana and Santos, two seasoned professionals who have redefined the standards of graphic design and web services.

Their journey, spanning continents and decades, is fueled by a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering accessible agency-quality services.


A Trailblazer in Presentation Design

Mariana Nakamura

With a career spanning two decades focused on Graphic and Presentation Design, Mariana is a key figure in the industry, both in Australia and internationally, with a focus predominantly on B2B experience.

Her pivotal role in the development and establishment of leading presentation companies across America, Europe, and Australia has been marked by creating cornerstone processes and securing major contracts.

Mariana has also demonstrated exceptional leadership, having guided and trained large teams of designers, fostering talent and driving innovation in every project. Her innovative approaches continue to influence these firms today.


Master of Web Development, SEO, and Presentation Design

Gil Santos

Santos brings over 23 years of diverse agency experience, with a special focus on Web Development, Content Marketing, and Presentation Design.

He is particularly adept at dramatically improving clients' website rankings on Google, often catapulting sites dozens of pages ahead and securing top positions. This profound impact on visibility leads to increased exposure, significantly boosting lead generation.

His deep understanding of audience dynamics and ability to align projects with specific marketing goals ensures maximum impact and engagement. Santos' expertise makes him an invaluable asset in the dynamic digital landscape, driving online visibility and business success for clients.


Our Philosophy: Bringing Konbini Efficiency to Design

At Konbini.Design, we are inspired by the Japanese konbini, known for its efficiency and customer-centric approach. We've adopted this ethos in our services, offering bespoke presentation and web solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Our journey, like the konbini, is about more than just providing services; it's about creating experiences that are efficient, affordable, and above all, high-quality. We believe in direct communication with our clients, ensuring that you always have the creators at the forefront of your projects.

Join Us on This Creative Expedition

Your journey with Konbini.Design is more than a business transaction; it's a partnership. We invite you to explore our array of services and discover how our expertise can elevate your brand, just as we have done for numerous clients worldwide.

Let's create something remarkable together: