Starter Web Development & Management Plan

Starter Web Development & Management Plan

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Our comprehensive Starter Web Development & Management Plan covers both the technical aspects and the publication side of your web presence, ensuring a seamless and successful online experience.

Technical Services:

  1. Hosting: We take care of all your hosting needs, ensuring your website is up and running smoothly, with minimal downtime.
  2. Site Updates & Management: Stay worry-free as we handle all necessary updates and ensure your website remains current and secure.
  3. SSL Security Certificate: We provide and maintain an SSL security certificate, safeguarding your website and visitors' data.
  4. Keyword Research: We conduct in-depth keyword research to optimize your website's content, improving its visibility in search engine results.
  5. Competitor Research: We keep an eye on your competitors, allowing us to make informed decisions to keep your website ahead of the game.

Publication Services:

  1. 2-3 Articles: Our team creates high-quality articles tailored to your niche, helping you engage your audience and improve your website's authority.
  2. Images for Articles: We source and provide captivating images to enhance the visual appeal of your articles.
  3. Formatting on the Website: We ensure that the articles are formatted professionally and consistently on your website for a polished look.
  4. Google Console Indexation: We take care of the technical aspect of indexing your content on Google, making sure your website ranks well in search results.

With our Starter Web Development & Management Plan, you can focus on your core business while we handle the technical intricacies and content publication to help your website thrive and succeed in the digital landscape.

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